Our team welcomes you at the Kramer Machines site and we sincerely hope that we can provide you with the information you are looking for and moreover, that we can be at your service.

Kramer Machines is a dynamic company with a team of enthusiastic, experienced, flexible and capable engineers and mechanics.

We are specialized in the development, design, fabrication and installation of single machinery and complete processing lines for the fish-and shellfish processing industry.
Our installations are installed on board of fishing vessels and ashore in processing factories.

Our engineers are experienced as well in the development and design of tailor made solutions for various industrial applications.

The location of our factory is at Colijnsplaat, a small fishing village at the borders of the Easterscheldt river mouth, in the South West of the Netherlands, world famous for its clean water and productive shellfish cultures. In the port of Colijnsplaat we have facilities to service your vessel (max draft 4 meters)

Needless to say that our factory is fully equipped with the modern construction facilities for stainless steel and aluminum in all its various forms, including a sheet metal shop.
We finish our equipment at your wish either glass peened, polished or passified.

Some examples of our standard delivery program

Shrimps and prawns:
On board product buffer, feeding and processing lines
Both conventional and automatic cooking installations
Cooling units

On board product buffer, feeding and cleaning lines for mussels, oysters and ensis
Complete processing lines for the same products
Graders for all species of shellfish
Packing lines for fresh, processed and/or frozen product, including vacpack
Debyssing machines for fresh mussels and mussel meat
Scallop and clam eviscerators
Declumping machines
Waste/water separators
Starfish separators

Round-and flatfish:
On board product buffer, feeding and grading lines
Washing machines
Pre-cooling units

Sealing units
Stailless steel stairs, gangways and banisters
Glass pearl blasting