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Mussel processing line

Mussel processing line with low running Hrs



Capacity till 2.5 Ton / Hr, Depending the product and type of packing

-          Rewater system with UV reactor
-          Hydraulic bin tipper with buffer hopper belt
-          Cleaning installation execute with: declumper, grader, debysser, waste separator and circulation pump
-          Drum cleaner- barnacle remover  with bypass system en outgoing filter conveyor belt
-          Inspection belt on stage
-          Size grader with intergraded bag dosing weighing system
-          Upgoing conveyor belt
-          Two cooling-holding tanks with dosing belt
-          Cold water generator with external heat changer, UV system and circulation pump
-          Two way dividing system
-          Automatic weighing dosing system with liquid dispenser
-          Weighing dosing system for manual packing
-          Half automatic top seal machine for MAP packing
-          Full automatic top seal machine with tray denesting, sticker dispenser and different types of moulds for MAP packing
-          Bottom sticker dispenser for trays
-          Rotating packing table
-          Electric and pneumatic Control boxes
-          Air compressor   

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Sorting and Weight machine for mussels

Sorting and Weight machine for mussels